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We curate data from published literature, health agencies and experts, and machine learning techniques. We are constantly building, refining, and testing our datasets to make sure we're up-to-date and not reproducing existing biases in data collection.

At the core of all our tools is a deep knowledge of how diseases and health systems work.

AI and data science have the potential to transform health, but the health community lags behind most other industries because of the complexity of its problems—and the life-or-death importance of getting it right. Our founders have years of epidemiologial experience, including in emergency outbreak response and academic research.

Our tools can rapidly predict rare diseases and toxins from limited real-world data. We provide instant outbreak analytics to help guide efficient, effective responses to these threats.

Our top priority is improving health for all.

We work closely with public health and academic partners to make sure that our tools get where they need to go at prices affordable to people who need them. We are also working to make research versions of our tools accessible to scientists.

We know that all health is interconnected, and we are committed to solving growing health problems ethically, equitably, and fearlessly.

Too many technological gains have been to the benefit only of the few who can afford them. We believe cutting-edge, adaptable digital health technology can and must benefit everyone.

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